Path to Peace

5 Steps on the Path to Peace

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You can be Happy and Peaceful in this Moment

In this program you will learn the easily adopted steps you can take to experience Peace with near-immediate results. Be inspired to keep learning, keep practicing, and experience happiness here and now, no matter what experience you may be having.

By practicing these steps, even if you do not immediately understand them, you will begin to feel peace infuse itself into your daily experience.

We are each the creators of our human experience. Too often, we believe that we are at the mercy of our environment. While our physical Self may have to endure hardships, such as fear, illness, disappointment, and pain, our interior Self can remain in a state of peacefulness.

I invite you to join me on the path. Let me be your guide to uncover the possibilities of experiencing the abundance of all that life delivers from a peaceful perspective.

Thoughts create suffering. This is not to say you should not have thoughts, but become aware of how your thoughts manifest in your life.

Peace is already inside you, the invitation is to become aware of how your thoughts manifest in the relative world around you.

Tapping into your inner Higher Self to embrace the power within you brings instant Peace in the moment.

We cannot stop the suffering in the world, but you can stop and even embrace the suffering inside you. I will guide you to view the outside world from a different perspective that will bring on a different attitude.

You have heard that changing your thoughts changes the world. But HOW? How do you change your thoughts? Well, One step at a time. I will guide you along the path.

You will not have to change your lifestyle. You won't have to become a vegan, stop drinking, smoking or have to exercise more or meditate for hours to achieve peace. You do not have to have a partner, circle our other outside confirmation to achieve peace. This is a solo interior journey. It belongs to you and you alone. Which allows you fully embrace the journey. No Judgement.

Here's what others have to say!

"During my enrollment of Path To Peace- I experienced a lightening of my heart. Less of my daily worries snuggled in deep, as I practiced acknowledging and allowing tough feelings to flow through. Wendie’s ability to teach comes from a state of humble learning- where she practices her skills along side those she guides. I believe it is this approach which adds a layer of richness and knowledge to her programs. A fluid exchange of brilliant ideas, genuine experiences. Modifying my approach to frustration has allowed me to peacefully seek solutions, or acknowledge that perhaps simply allowing something to waltz through- unhampered, would be the wisest choice. No need to develop an emotional investment to each scenario!

- Nicole Moss, Owner, Already Done Housekeeping

Participating in “Path to Peace” has changed my life. It is amazing how fulfilling it is when you finally begin to Be Present and work your way through the program until you Surrender. This is something I will continue to practice every day, and I can already tell that it is bringing me the Peace we all deserve and crave in life.

-Kelly Sandberg, HR Director

Your Instructor

Wendie Kause
Wendie Kause

Peace and Happiness are within reach, right inside each of us! In May of 2019, I embarked on a 500-mile Pilgrimage (walk) across Spain called The El Camino De Santiago. It is also known as "The Way" The experience transformed my life! While climbing the Pyrenees mountain, I had a mind-blowing spiritual awakening. Where I experienced the Oneness with All, a complete emergence with the Universe. I had read about and even believed that we are all one. That we are linked to everything in the Universe. But on that mountain, I experienced the truth. That truth is, WE ARE THE UNIVERSE. I cannot UNKNOW this. Because of this, I now know my true purpose. To share this wisdom/knowledge/experience with as many people who want to learn. This clarity and understanding of our purpose here on earth is nothing less than blissful. I also know, this Awakening did not come with all the answers. I have since learned, many people have awakened or become conscious, like me, all at once or more frequently in a more gradual manner. This knowledge has helped me in so many aspects of my life, like; Peace, being more Present, being less judgemental, loving more deeply, and many other daily blessings. But it also comes with some fear, like, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, or if I am not who I always thought I was, then who the hell am I? You know, questions like that! I desire to travel down this path further and further, teaching and learning and am so excited that we are here together! Let's dive in over our heads and explore the Mystery of Life together!

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